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Further information: Iron Age tribes in Britain, Goidelic substrate hypothesis, and O'Rahilly's' historical model. All Celtic languages extant today belong to the Insular Celtic languages, derived from the Celtic languages spoken in Iron Age Britain and Ireland. 82 They were separated into a Goidelic and a Brythonic branch from an early period.
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The Celtic Tribes.
Following the Roman conquest of England in 43 AD Cumbria remained independent of Roman rule for some time.The Romans marched their armies into Cumbria under Julius Agricola in 79 A.D, and subjugated the native Celtic Brigantes tribes, conquering the whole of the territory.
Kingdoms of the Barbarians Celtic Tribes.
Farther south, in modern southern Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and western Ukraine, the situation is even less clear, with elements of former Celtic tribes existing alongside encroaching Germanic tribes, including the Boii and Lugii for the former, and the Buri, Marcomanni, and Quadi for the latter.
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Celtic tribes of the Britain and Ireland.
16 Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel, Linguistically Celtic ethnonyms: towards a classification, in Juan Luis Garcia Alonso ed, Celtic and Other Languages in Ancient Europe, pp. Ediciones Universidad Salamanca 2008. For an overview and specific tribes of Ireland see Celtic tribes of Ireland.
Who were Celts.
Masks must be worn so the spirits won't' recognize. Who were the Celtic gods and Goddesses? Celtic dieties were more localized and particular to specific tribes than the gods and goddesses of larger, more centrally controlled civilizations like the Romans.
Celts Ancient History Encyclopedia.
In antiquity writers did not describe tribes in ancient Britain and Ireland as Celts, although they have acquired that label in modern times and some Celtic languages or their derivatives are still spoken there, as a form of Celtic still is in the Brittany region of northern France.

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