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The Cletic Tribes of Britain.
Before the Romans arrived, Britain consisted of a patchwork of tribal areas, each with its own king. Life was hard for the Celtic tribes. They were mainly farmrs who grew, gathered or hunted for their own food. They were also fierce warriors who were often at war with each other.
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Celts Ancient History Encyclopedia.
In antiquity writers did not describe tribes in ancient Britain and Ireland as Celts, although they have acquired that label in modern times and some Celtic languages or their derivatives are still spoken there, as a form of Celtic still is in the Brittany region of northern France.
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Roman culture had a profound effect on the Celtic tribes which came under the empire's' control. Roman influence led to many changes in Celtic religion, the most noticeable of which was the weakening of the druid class, especially religiously; the druids were to eventually disappear altogether.
Celt History, Institutions, Religion
There is no doubt that, during this period, many Celtic tribes, formerly living east of the Rhine, were forced to seek refuge west of the Rhine; and these migrations, as well as further German threats, gave Julius Caesar the opportunity 58 bce to begin the campaigns that led to the Roman annexation of the whole of Gaul.
Ancient Britain and Celtic Tribes.
Examples of Celtic Iron Age forts and settlements can still be seen today, such as Maiden Castle in Dorset. The Celtic tribes were each ruled by their own kings, queens, or chiefs, and were famed for their warrior class, culture, and ornate art, craft and jewellery.
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The Celtic Tribes.
Following the Roman conquest of England in 43 AD Cumbria remained independent of Roman rule for some time.The Romans marched their armies into Cumbria under Julius Agricola in 79 A.D, and subjugated the native Celtic Brigantes tribes, conquering the whole of the territory.

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